Altvia Launches Streamlined Web Site

Altvia, the leading provider of web-based solutions for the investment community, announced the company has launched a streamlined new web site.

The new site is fully integrated with the company’s social media sites and makes it easier for fund managers, institutional investors, social entrepreneurs, and others to find information about alternative asset management tracking and reporting.

The upgraded site is more user-friendly and easier to navigate and includes useful tips and tricks, case studies and a blog about the alternative asset management industry.

“The use of cloud-based solutions to track the performance of both financial and social impact is really gaining popularity, and we anticipate it will continue to grow over the coming months and years as the investment community becomes more comfortable with the cloud,” said Kevin Kelly, CEO, and founder of Altvia. “We want to make sure our site is a user-friendly source of information as more and more investors start looking for answers to their asset management technology questions.”

Altvia is known for delivering flexible software solutions like AIM, the most specialized application of its kind for transforming into a fund and endowment management powerhouse. The company has over 150 clients worldwide who collectively manage more than $80 billion in assets.

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