02/07/2012 – Ashden Adopts PULSE to Track progress and impact of Award Winners

Ashden, a UK-based non-profit, has recently partnered with Application Experts to adopt the PULSE metrics tracking software platform to track metrics related to Ashden Award winners.  Ashden makes Awards to organizations that have achieved significant success in the field of sustainable energy.  With the help of PULSE, Ashden will be capturing both quantitative and qualitative data on the future progress and impact of each of their Award winners.  Ashden is using (IRIS) indicators in addition to its own metrics to track the impact of the awards over time.

Since Ashden’s inception in 2001, it has championed the achievements of more than 130 sustainable energy pioneers. Promoting practical, local energy solutions that cut carbon, protect the environment, reduce poverty and improve people’s lives, the Ashden Awards have become an internationally recognized sign of excellence in the field of green energy.