Private Capital CRMHaving a purpose-built private capital CRM (customer relationship management) system has always been important for organizations looking to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken that need to a whole new level.

Even as countries around the world and states throughout the U.S. begin to ease business restrictions and economies start to reopen, it’s clear that the crisis will have a significant and lasting impact on both consumer and corporate behavior.

The “new reality” that everyone is talking about and that all organizations are facing today is one characterized by decreased confidence and more hesitant spending and investing.

Consequently, it’s critical that companies do a better job than ever before of nurturing relationships with their stakeholders. That means everything from being thoughtful in how they seek to get the attention of their target audience to how they record and leverage their interaction history with a particular person or entity. An advanced private capital CRM empowers an organization to meet these and other objectives.


Essential Functionality in a Private Capital CRM

Investor Relations Software AIMThere are a number of features that are important in a leading-edge private capital CRM, especially in the wake of COVID-19. One of those is meeting links. With the workforce having shifted to—and potentially staying with—a remote work model, providing people with a quick and efficient way to get to your calendar and schedule a meeting with you is vital. “Email tag” is not an activity anyone wants to participate in during these uncertain times (or any time).

Another key feature of a private capital CRM is deal tracking capability. You need to be able to monitor the progress of deals through their four stages: fundraising, closing, managing/retaining investors, and providing services that lead to repeat investments. That includes being able to find the details about a particular deal rapidly so that you can respond to questions posed by investors quickly and intelligently.

Also essential is that the CRM solution you implement supports your organization’s processes. It’s both difficult and time consuming to modify the way you work deals to match a system’s inflexible process flows. Being able to align your CRM with your business processes is particularly important if you have large teams that will be using the system.

And finally, intuitive and easy-to-use “data hygiene” features are a must-have for your CRM system. Information that isn’t complete, accurate, and current is of no value to your organization. In fact, outdated or inaccurate data can hinder your operations by making it harder to get to the information you need. Being able to find and update records efficiently means your team can make necessary tweaks on-the-fly in order to keep your database “clean” and move on to other tasks without losing any momentum.

Altvia’s AIM CRM provides the functionality above and many other business-building tools like portfolio management and data visualization.


Ensuring You Have Enough CRM “Horsepower”

If your organization is on the smaller side, you may be able to get by with a CRM that has minimal features and functions. However, very quickly the lack of an advanced solution for managing business relationships can be a detriment and can keep your organization from being competitive. Plus, as noted above, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the rules in private capital and made CRM systems more indispensable than ever.

As a result, it’s a good idea to do your homework and be ready to implement a CRM tool as soon as conditions or your needs warrant. Then you have the information and confidence to make a quick decision and put the wheels in motion.

Waiting until you require a system before you start researching your options puts you at a strategic disadvantage and can damage relationships and cost you deals. Ideally, you want to be riding the front of the technology curve and implementing solutions in a careful and measured way, rather than as a fire drill.

See how a private capital CRM can improve the efficiency of your processes with a single source of truth. Request a demo today or see how firms like yours use AIM.