Webinar Recap: Altvia Correspond Market Edition

mass email toolsWhat can the new private equity mass email tool from Altvia do for you? To start, Altvia Correspond Market Edition provides full integration with AIM, the private equity CRM solution on the Salesforce platform, so that you can easily manage your mass communications for prospecting, deal announcements, fundraising, roadshows and more. In fact, from the poll during our recent webinar featuring the launch of Market Edition, attendees ranked the following as the most important benefits of the new mass email tool in AIM:

  • 75% voted for greater workflow efficiency, which was tied with better data integrity
  • 50% voted for time savings, more productivity
  • 25% voted for enhanced analytics 

To learn more, watch the webinar recording that provides a brief overview along with a demo of industry-specific use cases for private equity. If you’d like a personalized demo or additional info, please visit the Market Edition page.