Tips & Tricks – Reporting Basics

By Max Mershon We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how to easily get information into AIM, avoiding inputting duplicate data, and various tools for getting data into AIM. But getting information into AIM only pays off if you’re able to get insightful and actionable data out of AIM. The foundation for getting information out of AIM is reporting. If you are new to AIM or haven’t yet started creating reports within the system, these two videos are a great place to start. They may not be the most exciting videos, but what they lack in excitement, they more than makeup for in usefulness and educational value. And if you’re not familiar with our AIM Tips & Tricks library, we’ve published dozens of videos on how to do everything in AIM from adding users to creating a custom mass email series. You can find all of our Tip & Tricks videos on the Altvia Community or on our YouTube channel. YouTube report basics
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