The Best of the Altvia Blog, 2012

Just in case the world ends tomorrow, we wanted to get the best blog posts of the year posted once more for anyone who missed them the first time.  Stay tuned for more updates from the world of App-X coming (more than likely) in the new year.

Mining “Big Data” with Fund Management Software

Jeff Williams pontificates on the future of “big data” in fund management and he throws in a Zoolander reference to boot.

7 Things Fund Managers Would Like to Be Able to Say to Investors

They’re actually all good things to say.

How Safe is my Fund Management Data in the Cloud?

Charlie Schilderink’s first ever App-X blog post.  An instant classic.

Impact Tracking: How is Everyone Else Doing it?

Beth and Charlie discussing one of the questions that they get asked most often.

10 Signs that Your Private Equity Fund Needs Fund Management Software

Jason is a busy guy and only has time to blog in list form.

Doing Well And Doing Good: Measuring The Results Of Impact Investing

Charlie Kuhn discusses measuring the impact of Social Investing.  This entire post was published on the Social Finance website.

How Fund Management Technology Has Changed How GPs Report to LPs

With tech playing an increased role in fund management, Ben Hendershot discusses how LPs expectations have changed.

The Importance of Executive Sponsorship in Fund Administration Software Implementation

A rare blog post from Jill Montera on getting executives to buy in to the process.

Measuring the Impact of Social Investing

Another solid post from impact guru Charlie Kuhn that was featured on the Social Finance blog.