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techstars uses aim to get organized and facilitate future growth

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Techstars provides seed funding, intensive mentorship, and access to  a network of mentors and alumni in exchange for equity in high­-tech startups. Techstars is widely considered to be among the top startup accelerators in the world and companies participating in the Techstars program average $1.5M in outside venture capital raised.

Until 2012, data that Techstars tracked on its portfolio companies was stored in shared folders in the form of spreadsheets and other documents. According to Techstars Finance Director Tony Shouse, the data was unorganized and making sense of it was time­-consuming. “To answer any question would be a large research-­style project,” Shouse says. “It was a lot like a bowl of spaghetti -­­ everything is there but just digging through and finding the data you want and organizing  it correctly was very difficult.”


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