Take Your Kids to Work Day at Altvia!

We started the day with the kids learning about Altvia’s purpose and core values from our CEO, Kevin Kelly. He also touched on the topic about a business’ profit and loss. Then, Anne Guenther, who is on the Product team, shared some insights about marketing and how to use the “4 P’s” – product, price, place and promotion – to create a marketing plan.

With those lessons in mind, the kids got quickly engaged and created logos and marketing plans for their businesses. They also planned their potential revenue and expenses. This gave the kids a whole new outlook when starting a business.

We then had a fun and relaxing time doing yoga with our local yoga guru, Tamara. The kids had a great time and even did a downward dog train! Wow!

After yoga, we enjoyed a tasty lunch from Noodles and worked on a fun coding project with Bill Klimczak, who’s on our Customer Solutions team.

To wrap up the day, the kids went on an exciting scavenger hunt to three other businesses in the area. They visited Flatirons Construction, Precious Child, and Crafts and Coffee. They learned about what these businesses do, who their customers are and how they market as well as advertise to their customers. To finalize the hunt, they all got delicious chocolate cupcakes!

Cheers to another great year with our Altvia kids!

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