What You Need To Know About The Salesforce Spring ’23 Release

Happy new year! As your trusted technology partner, the Altvia Care Team wants to help you prepare for the upcoming Salesforce Spring ‘23 release rolling out January 13, February 3, and February 10. (availability date is based on your production org instance)

Three times a year, Salesforce issues new updates which are outlined and explained in what often exceeds a 500-page document. The Altvia Care Team puts together documents for our clients that distill release notes down to only the relevant enhancements. We also stay on top of any changes that might affect your firm’s processes. 

In addition to Salesforce, our in-house development team releases enhancements and product upgrades. We evaluate market trends within alternative assets and requests across the breadth of our client base, making updates to our product suite before you even know you’ll need them!

We’ve reviewed the Salesforce Spring ‘23 release notes and compiled this overview for your firm. Below are the features that we believe you and your users will find helpful. If you would like a more in-depth walkthrough of these features, please contact our Altvia Care Team at support@altvia.com.

Reports and Dashboards

There are far too many truly exciting updates to tell you about to limit this section to one or two. Strap in for a bumper section on reports and dashboards!

Create Personalized Report Filters:
  • Think of this new capability as a bit like creating a Dynamic Dashboard where the dashboard is set to view as the logged-in user, thereby giving every user who looks at it their own personalized view.
  • You can now create a dynamic report filter based on the viewing user so that they view records pertinent to them. For example, instead of creating multiple reports that are filtered by specific Opportunity Owners, you can use a relative value to filter by Opportunity Owner equals $USER (the current user viewing the report).
Subscribe to More Reports and Dashboards:
  • Altvia users can now subscribe to up to 7 reports and 7 dashboards.
Stay Informed on Dashboard and Report Subscriptions:
  • You can now create a custom report type to see which reports, dashboards, or other analytic assets users are subscribed to.

Picklist Updates

Picklist fields saw a lot of love in 2022, with multiple new features being released in beta. These features will be generally available in Spring ‘23:

  1. Clean Up Inactive Picklist Values
  2. Bulk Manage Picklist Values
  3. Limit the Number of Inactive Picklist Values (Release Update)
  4. There are also two new standard picklist fields available on Leads, Contacts, and Person Accounts. Gender Identity and Pronouns are now included as optional fields.

Track Field History for Activities

You can now track up to six fields for Tasks and Events when you turn on field history tracking for Activities.

Find the Activity History list in the Related tab on default event and task pages. The list stays empty until you set up field history tracking in the Object Manager.

Or add the Activity Record History component to your custom event and task lightning pages.

And, that's a wrap!
We hope you found this summary helpful.

If you would like a walkthrough of these features, please contact the Altvia Care Team at support@altvia.com.