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Altvia understands that you need easy access to your network of stakeholders and CRM related data while on the go. With AIM, the Private Equity CRM on the Salesforce platform, you can view and update your CRM related data on any mobile device, anytime, making it easy to stay on top of your game. Additionally, you can get quick mobile access for your virtual data room/LP Portal, ShareSecure, for real-time activity feeds and document tracking.

“Things are pretty fluid in this business. When I’m on the road, I can’t always plan a month or a week out. Now when someone cancels a meeting, I can schedule a new one and have all the information I need before I sit down in front of that potential customer. Before, we simply didn’t have that access.”
– Zach Waltz, Managing Director – Corporate Development, Harbour Group

AIM Interactions

• Quickly see the latest interactions with your stakeholders as well as add updates from meeting notes

AIM Task Management

• Easily send task notifications related to your CRM contacts for follow up activities and accountability

ShareSecure Analytics

• Access your activity feed on the go

ShareSecure Document Tracking

• View which stakeholders have viewed your shared investment related materials and when

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