Altvia Sponsors PE Hub Network Special Webinar

We’re excited to be sponsoring an IR Masterclass Webinar for PE Hub Network on the topic of Keeping LPs Satisfied in an Age of Transparency.

Join PE Hub and our VP of Customer Success, Jill Montera, who will present on How firms can use technology to improve LP reporting and communication along with three other expert specialists.

The special 75-minute Webinar is on Thursday, September 27, from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM ET, and will cover the following topics:

  • How private equity firms can proactively manage their LP relationships in order to differentiate themselves, create transparency and build trust
  • How to keep investors abreast of the performance of underlying portfolio companies, ongoing allocation of partnership fees and expenses, and the allocation of co-investment opportunities and expenses
  • Where LPs stand on the ILPA reporting guidelines
  • Top strategies for ensuring a smooth-running and insightful annual meeting
  • What kinds of software tools are available to aid with LP communications and reporting? What can be outsourced, and what can’t be?

The IR Masterclass webinar will feature four experts and a Buyouts Insider Host, plus 15 minutes of audience Q&A. Speakers/Host include:

Jill Montera, VP of Customer Success, Altvia
Jordan Robinson, Founder and Managing Partner, Bercomm Group
Kara King, Managing Director, TorreyCove
Matthew DeMatteis, Director of Research, ILPA
David Toll, Executive Editor, Buyouts Insider

We look forward to participating in the discussion, join us!