The premier CRM solution for Private Equity Deal Teams to manage, track, and report on investment pipelines.

Built for Private Equity Deal Flow Management

Streamline Your Deal Flow Process

  • Institutionalize the deal funnel with clear stage milestones.
  • Automate reminders for critical next steps.
  • Customize due diligence requirements.

Grow The Pipeline.

Add deals to your pipeline from a mobile device or your inbox and begin executing the evaluation process in real-time

Win More Deals.

Progress deals through the pipeline with speed and precision by coordinating activities across teams and prioritizing deals based on stage and defined next steps

Leverage 3rd Party Data Sets.

Ensure the firm has the most holistic view available by consolidating 3rd party data providers (ie PitchBook, CaplQ, and Datafox) into a cohesive view of the market

Deploy Capital.

  • Prioritize the most effective deal sources and stay top of mind to maintain quality deal flow
  • Quickly benchmark investment opportunities against the best performing portfolio assets and other comparables
  • Understand the health and balance of your pipeline in real-time to focus on the deals and stages that matter

Validate Thesis Execution.

  • Automate requests for financial data and standardize the collection process
  • Make fund and asset performance data useful with rich visual analytics
  • Leverage 3rd party sources to complement the firm’s proprietary data and intelligence

Deal Flow Management.

One logical location for tracking every piece of information your firm has on a potential investment—deal information, fund details, and due diligence.

Track Portfolio Investments.

Gain better insight on deal progress and velocity with deal tracking capabilities. View metrics and fund holdings to store portfolio details.

Custom Reporting & Data Analytics.

Reduce manual entry and instantly download sophisticated, print-ready reports to create a positive experience for your partners.

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