New AIM Features to Roll Out Faster and More Often

By Jill Montera

Last week the team here at App-X was pretty relieved and excited to push out a new bug fix that had been bothering us and some AIM users recently. It was one of those thorn-in-your-side bugs that happened when users recorded an interaction in our fund management software; essentially it flashed an alert that a notification had been sent out before the user even created an interaction. The bug has been fixed and interactions are working as they should again.

We love the interactions and notifications feature in AIM and we know our clients rely on being able to record meetings and other conversations in AIM and then send out meeting notes to team members to whom it is relevant. So we’re excited to have this bug ironed out but even more excited perhaps by the growing development team we’ve built here at App-X and the speed and expertise with which they are now able to fix bugs in AIM and with which they are able to roll out exciting new features in AIM.

Many of you have already seen the big improvements in the latest update of the AIM Investor Correspondence suite and we’ll be rolling out big updates to AIM and all of our products on a regular cadence in the future based on feedback we hear from our clients.

To this end, a brand new official way to submit product ideas to us is coming. Stay tuned to the blog and client webinars for news but we can tell you now that we’re rolling out a program that lets users provide more active feedback and submit product ideas that can be shared and reviewed by the AIM user community. We’re confident it will continue to make AIM the most effective tool available for Private Equity fund managers and investors.