Kevin Kelly Featured in Article by “The Drawdown”

2018 for private equityAccording to a recent article published by The Drawdown, as the private equity industry evolves, needs related to relationship management and investor relations also change. Increasing regulations and compliance requirements are a few reasons that many firms are seeking more scalable ways to effectively manage contacts, data, and relationships across growing verticals. Paired with a compelling strategy, technology can solve these problems and allow firms to better differentiate.

Altvia’s Founder and CEO, Kevin Kelly, who was featured in the article, adds “There’s been a shift in understanding that if you’re going to be able to accomplish the bigger objectives about differentiation in the marketplace through data practices, being able to be transparent or responsive to LPs and prospective LPs, you need a firm foundation in place and well structured, well organized data at the very core level in order to be able to accomplish those higher profile or seemingly more important strategic initiatives.”

In addition to contact and data management systems like CRM, data solutions are also gaining traction in the industry to help solve this growing market problem.

“While there tends to be a generational gap with folks who wouldn’t be inclined or predisposed to tech and data, what they’re seeing is that this shift must be embraced now,” Kelly says. “Whether you’re technically inclined or not, there’s no question we’re dealing with highly intelligent, motivated and competitive people using the systems.”

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