Insights into Pitchbook’s 2020 Annual Private Fund Strategies Report

Altvia SVP, Industry Solutions & Strategy, Jeff Williams Shares Insights in Pitchbook’s 2020 Annual Private Fund Strategies Report

When asked by Pitchbook if demand for and usage of deal management software has increased in the last year, Altvia executive Jeff Williams says, “Absolutely. Both demand and usage have increased dramatically across the market, and it’s only getting started.”

The informative Q&A session is included in Pitchbook’s 2020 Annual Private Fund Strategies Report.

Regarding the reason for the change, Jeff adds, “As easy as it is to point the finger at the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe the cause has more to do with firms not taking advantage of the opportunities and possibilities already afforded by technology, and now they’re scrambling to catch up. For years, technology offered better options for information flow and work productivity. However, during the pre-pandemic status quo, firms felt less urgency to adopt them. Nothing seemed broken until the pandemic came along.”

You can read the other insightful questions and enlightening answers by downloading the full 2020 Annual Private Fund Strategies Report from Pitchbook’s website. It covers a wide range of interesting topics across six private market types: private equity, venture capital, real assets, private debt, funds of funds, and secondaries.


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