Internal data solution developmentIn the fast-moving world of private equity, agility is key. Private capital companies that fail to adapt to changes in the rapidly evolving industry risk missing out on business opportunities. This is especially true regarding private equity CRM systems.

While there are a number of private capital CRM platforms on the market, they tend to be large, cumbersome systems that are updated with new functionality infrequently at best.

This is true, in part, because to launch new features, providers often have to make modifications that go all the way from the frontend interface to the backend database. This requires considerable time and effort. It may also open the door to software bugs in the new releases.

AIM, our Private Equity CRM solution, takes a different approach.


Leveraging the Power of Salesforce

AIM is designed to give private equity firms a high degree of agility. It is built to fully integrate with Salesforce and leverage all of the current capabilities of one of the world’s largest cloud platforms as well as new features that result from the company’s continuous (and clearly large) R&D investment.

Here are 4 advantages AIM provides over other private capital CRM products:


1. Proprietary Functionality Enhanced Monthly 

AIM is a comprehensive platform that is continually updated based on input from many sources, including the extensive industry expertise and ongoing immersion of our team members as well as feedback from clients. Our in-house development team channel this knowledge into product updates that are deployed seamlessly and give users a competitive advantage in their work. We make all release notes available through our Altvia Care Community.


2. In-house Development and Support Teams

While many companies use off-site or even offshore development groups to build and maintain their products, our team works together in our Colorado headquarters. The synergy produced by everything from scheduled development meetings to chance conversations in the break room is something that can’t be duplicated with a dispersed approach. The same is true of our support team. The ability to speak immediately and in-person with a developer gives a support representative access to clear, concise information they can use to quickly resolve any issue a client is having.


3. Extensive and Easy App Integration

We help firms connect to virtually any app in the Salesforce AppExchange online marketplace. This enables these organizations to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. Many private capital CRM systems offer integration to just a handful of these powerful apps, leaving a significant amount of functionality untapped.


4. Salesforce Feature Assessment and New Feature Releases

Salesforce puts out new feature-rich releases three times each year. Our team does a deep-dive into each of these releases, breaks the functionality down, and explains how it will benefit private capital markets specifically.

5. Client Collaboration

AIM is a purpose-built platform, and we continually refine what that “purpose” is based on our industry expertise (we’ve been in the private capital business since 2006) and an ongoing collaboration with our clients. In all of our interactions with companies that use our products, we encourage them to share details on the challenges they face and the kinds of features and functions they need in a CRM system.

They provide that input in conversations with our support team and using our Feedback Form. And, while gathering feedback is important, acting on it is critical. We eagerly review client suggestions and use them to guide our development and support activities.


Innovative Solutions that Inspire Trust

One of the clearest indicators that the power and flexibility of AIM and our other data solutions give private equity firms a competitive edge is the top-tier companies that rely on them. These are mission-critical systems and competitive differentiators for firms, and organizations perform the same type of focused due diligence before making this important investment that they do on their biggest deals. The fact that they choose to partner with Altvia says a great deal about our product suite.


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