How Can AIM Users Get the Most out of Dreamforce?

By Jeff Vahrenwald


Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce event is part Salesforce user conference and part 4-day Salesforce commercial. This year’s event, coming up in October, promises to be the biggest yet. Of course, they promise that every year.


Dreamforce may be too general to be really relevant to AIM users and you may find that you get better, more specific information directly from us in the form of our client webinars, blog posts, or just directly from our support desk.


Mixed in with all the people, party, and hype at Dreamforce, however, there can be a wealth of great information. The trick is how to find it. Here are a couple of tips from the seasoned Dreamforce attendees at App-X on how to get the most out of attending this year’s conference:


  • Check out the Financial Services track. At Dreamforce, they separate sessions based on industry and there is a specific track for financial services firms. They won’t necessarily be talking about AIM, but at least you’ll learn about how other firms may be tackling a lot of the issues that your firm deals with.
  • Peek into future Salesforce platform developments. Dreamforce is when Salesforce announces all of the big upcoming features. Past developments like Chatter and the Salesforce 1 mobile app were announced at Dreamforce and its a good place to learn about important new platform updates.
  • Socialize. Obviously Dreamforce is crawling with fellow Salesforce users. Although a fraction of them will be AIM users, the event is a great place to meet other users and get a sense of the juggernaut that Salesforce has become. When our people go to Dreamforce, they come home with the sense that we’re aligned with the true leader in the space.
  • And finally, get there early and register early. Dreamforce is expected to attract nearly 150,000 people this year and, as a result, classes fill up, sessions sell out, and even just places to sit down can be hard to find. You’ll find you learn a lot more and you can take a lot more of the craziness if you’re not trying to set up your schedule at the last minute.


If you’d like to know more about what you will find at Dreamforce, we’d be happy to give you the rundown. And if you’re already planning on going, let us know–we’d love to meet up.