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Harbour Group

Harbour Group

St. Louis, MO

Fund Manager



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harbour group leverages aim to gain insight from years of historical data

Harbour Group is a privately­-owned operating company based in St. Louis with a long history of success in founding, acquiring, and building companies. Through its operating companies, Harbour Group is engaged in a wide variety of manufacturing, distribution, and specialty services in multiple industries. Founded in 1976, Harbour Group has acquired over 170 companies over the last 36 years.

For deal sourcing, Harbour Group relies heavily on intermediaries and, as a result, they invest heavily in maintaining relationships with those intermediaries. They also pay close attention to which intermediaries bring them the deals that best fit their criteria and how many deals they are seeing in each sector to ensure they are marketing to the right people and that their funnel of deals is wide enough to meet their goals.  And finally, they track how many deals they see month-­over-­month and what their deal flow looks like relative to the market to ensure they continually see the deals that they need to see. After collecting deal sourcing data over three decades, they have amassed a substantial amount of data on the origination of their deals. Getting data out of the system in any meaningful or actionable form, however, proved to be an inefficient  and time ­consuming job for the Harbour team.