FundFire Article with Altvia’s CEO Kevin Kelly

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Altvia’s CEO, Kevin Kelly, was recently interviewed by Tom Stabile of FundFire for the article, Blackstone Preps for Booming Retail Asset Growth. The article explores the rise in Blackstone Group’s major retail channel sales and how the rise of retail assets over a long-term build out may have the potential to grow to levels equaling institutional levels. However, this concept of retail assets equaling institutional levels wouldn’t necessarily apply across the entire private equity market, but rather mostly at the largest firms that have the ability to build products in multiple asset classes.

Alts managers targeting the retail market will need to look beyond product design to consider advanced financial technology for investor communications, reporting, and sales in order to stay ahead of the game. “The pressure on most alts managers may be less to reach the retail customer directly, and more to provide intermediaries, such as advisors, with the reporting and data tools needed to serve individual investors,” shares Kevin.

The article notes that at Altvia, there are increasing requests from private equity managers to help aggregate data for advisors that have multiple investors in a fund. “We’re seeing a general movement for managers to build out more systems that are data-driven,” Kevin comments. “Private equity has not been used to exposing data to the investor, but with 150 to 250 [limited partners], you can get away without scaling. [With retail], there are going to be different and increased demands on [fund managers] to provide data and insights, whether it’s wholesale to advisors or interfacing with investors.”

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