Client Webinar 8/6: New AIM Release Brings Exciting New Features

“What is your favorite AIM fund management software feature?” is a question I get on a pretty regular basis. I’d say the fundraising and pipeline boards are amongst two of my favorites, and while yours may be different, many users have expressed to us how much they like the boards as well. The boards make it easy to visualize your fundraising process or investment pipeline, recognize and prioritize opportunities, and reduce the amount of time and friction to your fundraising and investment objectives.

If you’re asking yourself “What are the boards?”, today that changes! Our fundraising and investment pipeline boards are now available to anyone and everyone using our Salesforce based Private Equity solution AIM. We’ve had some technical challenges building the boards in a way that allowed AIM to be configured for all of the different ways our implementers might set a client up, but we’ve finally tackled them with this release.

We’re also thrilled to announce an all-new feature that I’m extremely excited about. We’re calling it “Pipeline Reporting” and it provides the ability for AIM users to gain insights on their investment pipeline that haven’t previously been possible. It runs in the background so it requires no work to maintain and can answer questions like “how many deals/funds have we looked at that reached a certain point in our process?”, “how long does it typically take us to get to a term sheet?”, and so on. Pipeline reporting will capture all of the details of all of your newly-created investment opportunities as they move through the pipeline, and is intelligent enough to know how long the opportunities are spending in certain stages in your process.

Having spent 4 years as an investment analyst for a fund of funds, I can tell you how much time this feature could’ve saved us come annual meeting time. You know those metrics your LPs love — the number of opportunities we looked at, how many of them went to diligence, how many to terms, and how many closed. Even right down to the length of time deals spend in diligence. Unfortunately combing through files, calendars, emails, and notebooks made coming up with these metrics extremely difficult. In the current environment of ever increasing transparency and data, pipeline reporting represents another offering by App-X to help your firm exceed expectations while operating more efficiently. Whether you’re an existing customer of ours or stumbling upon our site for the first time, an LP, a fund manager, or an analyst in Private Equity, at Altvia, we speak your language.

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