Client Webinar 12/4: Is Conservative Marketing Holding Your Fund Back?

“If sourcing capital is all about relationships, why don’t you develop 500 of them at one time?”

Meyler Capital CEO and President Kyle Dunn poses this question to fund managers as he encourages them to break free from inefficient traditional marketing that he feels is widespread in alternative investment management. Throughout his career in alternative investing, Kyle has found that the methods commonly used to source capital are extremely inefficient. In forming Meyler, he set out to change how asset managers, companies, and individuals think about marketing, and how placement agents perceive the process.

As a result, he says, Meyler respects tradition, but also leverages modern marketing methodologies, technology and a robust network of registered agents to effectively source capital for alternative investment managers.

In this 1-hour alternative investment software webinar, Kyle will offer up suggestions of how fund managers can more effectively market their funds and he will discuss his views on marketing alternative investments including:

  • how conservatism is creating ineffectiveness in marketing alternative investments
  • how the alternatives industry is paralyzed by traditional marketing
  • why marketing should be done in a variety of different “boxes” in order to better build relationships

Meyler Capital is based in Vancouver, BC.

Is Conservative Marketing Holding Your Fund Back? Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014 12:00 PM ET, 9:00 AM PT.

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