The Salesforce Winter ‘21 Release will roll out on October 9th and 16th.

Below are a few features that will be especially helpful for you and your firm. If you would like a more in-depth walkthrough of these features, please contact our Altvia Care team at

1. Break Up Record Details with Dynamic Forms

Sections on your page layouts can now be treated as Lightning components, so fields can be placed in different tabs or subject to conditional visibility. Click here to learn more about the functionality.

Feature 1_Split View


2. Add In-App Guidance to New, Edit, and Clone Pages

If there are specific instructions you want your users to remember as they’re creating or editing records, you can now insert custom prompts as a reminder. Click here to learn how.

required fields


3. Dynamic Actions Based on Record Data

Do you have any buttons on your record pages that simply don’t make sense to display until certain criteria have been met? For example, maybe you don’t want to allow your users to send a notification about an Interaction until they’ve added references. The Winter ‘21 release will allow admins to control button visibility based on customizable, flexible criteria.

Feature 3_Dynamic Buttons


4. Auto Add Fields to Custom Report Types

Gone are the days of manually adding new custom fields to your custom report types! When this feature releases, your custom fields will retroactively be added to your custom report types, and any new fields you create will be automatically added. When you create a report from the custom report type, all the custom fields are right there for you to add to your report.


How Can I Learn More?

Visit the Altvia Community where we post product releases or Salesforce Winter 2021 Release where you can access: