The Salesforce Summer ‘20 Release will roll out on July 10th and 17th.

Below are a few features that will be especially helpful for you and your firm. If you would like a more in-depth walkthrough of these features, please contact our Altvia Care team at

1. Use Split View to Work Through List Views

You can now work through list views for any object included in your navigation bar with a split-screen that provides a full-record view of a selected record and keeps you rooted in the context of the list you accessed it from.

Summer Release Feature 1_Split View


2. Full Lightning Access from your iPad

If you’re an iPad user, you can now access the full Lightning experience through the Safari app.

3. Dynamic Actions Based on Record Data

Do you have any buttons on your record pages that simply don’t make sense to display until certain criteria have been met? For example, maybe you don’t want to allow your users to send a notification about an Interaction until they’ve added references. The Summer ‘20 release will allow admins to control button visibility based on customizable, flexible criteria.

summer release Feature 3_Dynamic Buttons

4. Attach .csv Files to Report Subscriptions

When you subscribe to a report, you can now select the option to receive an attached csv instead of inline data in the email itself.

Summer Release Feature 4_Report Attachment

5. In-App Guidance

Salesforce has released a full, enhanced version of In-App Guidance, which empowers admins to create context-specific popups within AIM to help drive adoption. Key goals that In-App Guidance can help achieve are:

  • New user onboarding & education
  • Advanced learning for experienced users
  • Awareness of new and/or updated functionality
  • Troubleshooting and support

In-App Guidance has been enhanced to allow for more customization and flexibility with when, where, and how prompts are displayed to users and what actions users can take.

Reach out to Altvia Care at for more information or a demo of In-App Guidance.

Summer release in app guidance 

How Can I Learn More about salesforce releases?

Visit the Altvia Community where we post product release notes or Salesforce Summer 2020 Release where you can access: