The Salesforce Summer ‘19 Release will roll out on June 7th and 14th. The release is intended to increase productivity and deliver personalized customer journeys with the latest Customer Success Platform innovations. These changes will all occur within the AIM product.

Below are a few features that will be especially helpful. If you would like a walk through any of these in more depth, please contact our Altvia Care team at

APPLY Quick Filters on Related Lists

When viewing all records in a related list, you’ll have the option to apply quick filters to rapidly search through extended lists of data. 

Related List Filters_Summer 19


Make Data Stand Out with Conditional Formatting

Salesforce’s report builder now allows you to set conditional formatting rules for currency and number fields.

Report Conditional Formatting_Summer 2019

Find Report Results Faster with Search

New search functionality in the report results screen will now allow you to find specific results faster.

Report Search_Summer 2019

Export Joined Reports with Formatting from Lightning

When exporting a joined report, you will now be able to choose to export it with all its formatting to an Excel document.

Enhanced Report Subscription Emails

Admins now have additional control over what report and dashboard subscription email recipients will receive in their inboxes. Now, you have the ability to choose between an email summarizing report results or a summary with full report results. Additionally, settings from dashboards, including table groupings and decimal places, are now better reflected in these emails.

Have You Switched to The Lightning Experience?

To benefit from all of these product innovations and improvements, you must be on The Lightning Experience. Lightning is available with AIM and gives you access to a fresh perspective with personalized dashboards and the latest innovations from Salesforce. Ready to switch to Lightning? Request a technical evaluation with our team here.

How Can I Learn More?

Visit the Altvia Community where we post biweekly product releases or Salesforce Summer 2019 Release where you can access:

  • Release Videos that include demos of top features.
  • Release Notes for detailed information on all new features.