Changes to AIM from Salesforce Spring 2019 Release

Salesforce Spring Release rolled out at the beginning of January and these changes are all in our AIM product. We want to highlight a few features that will be especially helpful. If you want to walkthrough any of these in more depth, please contact our Altvia Care team.

Pinned List Views in salesforce

Say goodbye to List Views defaulting to “Recently Viewed” and more clicks to get to your destination. Pin your favorite List View to each tab.

Printable Record Pages

Print record pages in Lightning, just like in Classic. Print key details and related lists directly from the browser.

Joined Reports

Joined reports are now generally available in Lightning, allowing you to add up to five blocks that allow you to compare similar data in fewer reports.

Enhanced Report Page

The new and improved report page includes several enhancements: column headers are now sticky when scrolling, you can filter or sort columns directly in the report, the header displays up to 8 total metrics, and you can drag columns to resize.

Summary Formulas as Formula Columns in Lightning Tables

Add an entire custom formula column of values into a report, which means you no longer only have formula results at group levels. Calculate an amount based on confidence percentage and have it live in a report rather than as a field in the database.

Increased Data Storage in Salesforce

Beginning in late March, baseline data storage will increase from 1GB to 10GB. For those of you who purchase additional data, we will follow up with you to assist with this transition.

What if I want to learn more about salesforce?

Visit the Altvia Community where we post our biweekly product releases and Salesforce news or Salesforce Spring 2019 Release where you can access:

  • Release Videos that include demos of top features.
  • Release Notes for detailed information on all new features.

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