The Salesforce Spring ‘20 Release will roll out on February 7th and 14th.

Below are a few features that will be especially helpful for you and your firm. If you would like a more in-depth walkthrough of these features, please contact our Altvia Care team at

1. See THE Related Account When You Search

When searching for Contacts via the Global Search bar, you will now always see that Contact’s Account name in the subtext of the search results.


2. Enhanced Related Lists

Now widely released, Enhanced Related Lists allow you to see more related records and columns in the table. You can now sort and resize these columns, and even apply filters to the list of records after clicking “View All”.

enhanced related lists

3. Filter Reports with Field-To-Field Filters

You can now use a filter on reports to compare two fields, and only return the records which satisfy the requirements. For example, you could return all Deals where the Amount is greater than the Total Deal Size as a data quality check, or see which of your Investors have increased their fund commitments over time.

field to field filters

4. Attach Formatted Spreadsheets to Reports (Beta)

As part of your report subscription settings, you can now also receive the formatted Excel version of the report as an attachment to the email! This setting is a checkbox from the ‘Subscribe’ screen of the report.

formatted spreadsheets with reports


aim mobileWe are in the process of optimizing all AIM accounts for the latest version of the Salesforce mobile app. Expect a more user-friendly and seamless Lightning experience across desktop and mobile devices.

The latest version allows you to:

  • Find Contact Info On-the-Go
  • Dictate Meeting Notes
  • Generate a Tear Sheet Anywhere
  • Personalize Navigation

We will send you an email as soon as your account has been updated, if we have not already. To receive these benefits, you must have the Salesforce App downloaded to your phone with the latest version installed.

Contact Altvia Care at if you’re interested in customizing the new Salesforce’s mobile interface specifically for your firm.


How Can I Learn More about salesforce releases?

Visit the Altvia Community where we post product release notes or Salesforce Spring 2020 Release where you can access: