Finding the Right GP-LP Hub: ShareSecure Premium

Now more than ever, Private Equity firms are finding escalated rules and regulations when it comes to information and documentation. Transparency, compliance, and security are familiar concepts in the PE marketplace, but firms need to get ahead in order to satisfy their investors and partners. In the current market, technology offers the most viable, scalable, and complete solutions to these challenges.

Altvia Recognized on B Lab’s “Best for the World: Workers” List

Altvia has earned recognition on B Lab’s 2017 Best for the World: Workers list. Companies are awarded this honor by scoring in the top 10% of all certified B Corporations on the “Worker” category of the B Impact Assessment, a comprehensive evaluation used to certify B Corporations that appraises a company’s impact on its workers, community, and the environment.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with AIM Inbox

Many Private Equity firms use Microsoft Outlook along with a core contact and data management system like AIM. But how can users easily capture data from their inbox and move this data into their core system? Even better, how can you capture this data in a seamless way that automatically updates your core system without any time-consuming swivel chair between Outlook and your core system?

Leading for Success: How to Differentiate in the Private Equity Crowd – Part III

What does differentiation look like for a Private Equity fund manager? This is a rather loaded question so let’s break it down. In Parts I and II of this series, we covered the building blocks for processes and systems that capture and warehouse data so that Private Equity firms can leverage new insights. Now, with Altvia’s VP of Customer Success, Jill Montera, let’s discuss how this foundation can lead to differentiation.