Lead for Success: How to Differentiate in the Private Equity Crowd

What does differentiation look like for a Private Equity fund manager? This is a rather loaded question so let’s break it down. In Parts I and II of this series, we covered the building blocks for processes and systems that capture and warehouse data so that Private Equity firms can leverage new insights. Now, with Altvia’s VP of Customer Success, Jill Montera, let’s discuss how this foundation can lead to differentiation.

Service Secrets that Lead to Repeat Investments

Service — this is where best-in-class firms truly differentiate themselves from the competition. Instead of creating a more tactical management style, these savvy firms strategically position themselves to become less about “doing things right” and more about choosing the “right things to do” for their investors.

How to Keep Your Investors Coming Back for More

Once you’ve raised the money for the fund, you may feel that the hard work is over. But even though you’ve secured and committed the business, you’re still only halfway to a successful investor relationship. The truth is that the real work is just beginning. The worst thing a firm can do is behave like their job is done once they’ve closed an investor.