Altvia to Host Webinar on the Best AppExchange Apps for AIM

On September 6th, members of the Altvia team will be hosting a free live webinar for clients to discuss some of the best Salesforce AppExchange add-ons for extending the functionality of AIM. Topics will include apps for mass emailing, data integration, iPad use, voice recognition, data de-duplication and more.

“There are so many great apps in the AppExchange these days and our clients don’t have the time to research them all,” says Altvia project manager Jill Montera. “But since we spend a lot of time researching and using these apps, we can save our clients time and help them get more out of AIM by sharing what we feel are only the best apps for our clients.”

The 1-hour webinar is scheduled for 11:30 am ET/8:30 am PT on September 6.

Register here.