Kevin Kelly has always had a knack for technology and using it to improve processes and systems so that they function better in the workplace.

Early in his career, Kevin had his first opportunity to work in the alternative investment industry. RCP Advisors tapped him to build a tool to track their investments and analyze the managers and funds comprising the buyout lower middle market. The product he designed set RCP apart from other fund-of-fund firms. They used the tool to show LPs how their research and investing model could bring higher returns, a differentiator that provided the firm with a significant strategic advantage. Using the platform and database that Kelly built, RCP’s technology was able to set them apart from their competitors.

From that success, RCP saw the potential in Kelly and asked him to continue to serve as Technology advisor. By then, he had nailed down engineering technology and learned about the process behind private equity. But it was with this role that Kelly came to understand the challenges and opportunities general partners and limited partners face when on the buying side of technology.

Eventually, RCP outgrew the original database platform that Kelly had built (a good problem to have) and had heard about the power of the Salesforce platform. So, Kelly began to evaluate it for RCP. He liked what he saw, but with the industry knowledge now gained, he knew right away that RCP would need more than just Salesforce out-of-the-box.

“I quickly realized with RCP that there has to be a commitment from the firm’s end for technology implementation—such as an executive sponsor. This way, the firm is truly benefiting from their investment and using all the features the platform offers.”

Rolling up his sleeves, Kelly discovered two other essential pieces for successful technology implementation in the PE industry: technology support and industry knowledge. At that moment, his entrepreneurial spirit saw an open opportunity for technology purpose-built for private equity.

“I knew if we were going to build software for private equity, we would not only need powerful technology, but we would also need a great support team that understood the industry and the product to help firms become successful,” Kelly says.

“I knew if we were going to build software for private equity, we would not only need powerful technology, but we would also need a great support team that understood the industry and the product to help firms become successful..”

In 2006, Kelly opened his business as “Application Experts” or “App-X” for short. By the end of 2007, App-X had four employees. In 2016, it was time for a rebrand that aligned better with what the company indeed grew into. This brought about the name you know today: Altvia.

Today, Altvia has over 30 employees and two office locations in Broomfield, Colorado, and London, United Kingdom.

Altvia is proud to be on the Inc. 5000 list from 2014 – 2018 and remains a Certified B Corporation. Company traditions include a dog-friendly office, Crockpot Wednesdays (a company-wide, team-bonding lunchtime affair), volunteer hours to give back to the community, and professional development opportunities. These elements are part of what makes Altvia who it is today and gives us the advantage to grow. Our industry knowledge, world-class support team, and our team’s dedication continues to evolve not just the products but ourselves.

The next time you choose a vendor to do business with, ask yourself: Is your investment prepared to help you grow?

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