Altvia CEO to Speak at 12th Annual PEI Investor Relations Forum

BROOMFIELD, Colo., June 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Leading private equity software provider Altvia announced today that its CEO and Founder Kevin Kelly will join the panel discussion “Technology’s Enormous Impact on the IR Role and What You Need to Know” at the 2017 Investor Relations & Communications Forum hosted by Private Equity International (PEI), now in its 12th year. “There’s a seismic shift in how fund managers are engaging with investors and leveraging technology to make this transformation.

To differentiate in an exceedingly crowded market, fund managers seek to offer investors more value-add services that build upon transparency and trust. I look forward to discussing how technology is affecting the IR role and, in particular, next-generation tools that enable fund managers to expand upon these value-add services,” shares Kelly. In conjunction with this event, Altvia is announcing a fresh, new user interface (UI) for its private equity software platform, AIM. “With more private equity firms turning to technology to harness the power of their data for a competitive advantage, we’ve been focusing on the user experience to ensure our solutions are designed for ease-of-use and speed.

With AIM’s clean, new UI, you can personalize your experience and more easily find what you need, quickly,” comments Altvia’s Vice President of Products Jeff Williams. 

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