Altvia Answers Launched: New Private Equity Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Solution

Altvia AnswersWe’re excited to announce the launch of Altvia Answers, a powerful business intelligence and analytics solution that enables private equity firms to view and interact with data from multiple sources in one place. Learn more about the capabilities and use cases of Altvia Answers here. “The gap is expanding between the amount of available data and how private equity firms are able to actually use the data. The problem is pervasive as shown in industry reports and heard throughout the private equity community – data has become the leading operational challenge,” comments Altvia’s founder and CEO, Kevin Kelly. “Altvia Answers is a solution for business users to take this data and transform it into business intelligence. The data can be from disparate systems, in different formats, and variable in size. With Altvia Answers, data can be connected, transformed, normalized, and displayed all in one system.” Altvia Answers enables data visualization and analytics to be embedded into existing systems or AIM, the premier private equity contact and data management platform, and includes enterprise-grade capabilities to help scale for various applications. Additionally, by utilizing data warehousing technology, users can easily and quickly build cloud-based dashboards and scenarios. “As big data continues to grow, private equity firms need a way to consolidate, integrate, and leverage this data for market insights and differentiation as competitive advantages,” shares Jeff Williams, VP of Products at Altvia. “And with the shift from IT-led reporting to modern, business-led analytics, Altvia Answers is a future-proof solution specifically for these business users to visualize and interact with data to gain new insights that can make an impact on market opportunities.” The launch of Altvia Answers builds upon the company’s momentum with the recent Inc. 5000 announcement featuring four consecutive years of recognition by this prestigious ranking and the release of ShareSecure Premium. Click here to read the press release in its entirety.