“Our market is so relationship driven—we really get to know our business partners and understand their needs. With Altvia, it’s clear that they value having a relationship that comes along with the software.”

– Michael Painter, Managing Partner, Plexus Capital

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With increasing demands for more transparency, fund managers and institutional investors are challenged with the means by which to capture, report and share information.

Altvia Correspond Investor Edition, formerly AIM Investor Correspondence, is a document distribution add­-on to the AIM solution on the Salesforce platform that  bridges the gap between your CRM, front-office activities and legacy accounting system. With this communication tool, you can easily generate personalized Capital Call Notices, Distribution Notices, K­1’s, Quarterly/Annual Reports and  more – and then deliver via email or ShareSecure.



Investor Relations

• Track each investor’s correspondence preferences and automatically distribute documents

 Allocations Made Easy

• Calculate allocations of capital calls and distributions based on investor commitments and pro­rata ownership

Front­-to-­Back Office

• Integrated communication tool that connects AIM, ShareSecure (data room/LP portal) and legacy accounting systems so that you can generate documents and deliveries

File Splitting

• Integrate Investor Correspondence with your existing accounting and document generation means to more efficiently match files to investors/recipients, names these files and distribute in seconds

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