A Conversation with App-X Support Desk Specialist Charlie Schilderink

What is unique about App-X support versus other support desks you’ve manned?

A lot of people call support with technical questions and we can certainly help in solving those technical questions, but what I think is different about App-X support and what I really enjoy about this position is when support takes on more of a consulting role.  So in addition to solving technical issues, we can use our understanding of our clients’ businesses and of the alternative asset industry to make recommendations about the way that they configure and use their system so they get the most out of it.  It’s quite a different approach than just solving a problem, checking the box, and moving on.  When I’m able to help clients, for example, get analytics on how long their deals spend in certain stages or how they track interactions, we’re really working together to advance their processes and make them more efficient with the software.  I think it goes well beyond what users would expect from a traditional support desk.

How much technical experience does a user need when calling support?

We say during the implementation process that it’s not so important that users know how to make changes, but rather it’s important to know that changes can be made.  And they can always call us to make those changes for them.  So regardless of a client’s technical abilities, they really only need to explain to us in plain English what they want done and we’ll take care of it for them.  Whether you’re an experienced Apex coder or a Salesforce novice, we’re happy to speak your language.  The goal is to make each client the most effective user we can.

What clients have you worked with so far?

Having been here for almost a year, I think I’ve worked with just about all of them.

And what do you work on when you’re not working directly with clients on support cases?

While not solving direct customer issues, I spend my time developing materials and methods that help our clients better help themselves.  This includes, for example, Tips & Tricks videos that we post on our website and on YouTube as well as documentation on topics such as how to grant login access.  I also spend a lot of my time teaching clients how to get more out of their systems with 3rd party tools such as Salesforce’s Data Loader and Excel Connector.  This allows customers to be able to leverage their data better as well as decrease reliance on the help desk.

Has there ever been an issue that you haven’t’ been able to solve?

Yes there are occasionally difficult issues but luckily I’m backed up by a very experienced development team here that I can always go to with questions.  They never let me down.

Charlie Schilderink serves as a support analyst at App-X.  Read his bio here.