09/11/2012 – TechStars Using AIM for Fundraising, Investment Tracking, and Managing Their Collective Networks

Boulder-based startup accelerator TechStars recently enlisted the help of AIM by Altvia to track their fundraising process, to track the investments they have made and who have invested in those companies alongside them, as well as for tracking their collective network of contacts.

Altvia is itself a graduate of the TechStars Boulder class of 2008. Altvia CEO, Kevin Kelly said of the new client win “It is an honor to be a graduate of the TechStars program but also to see the relationship come full circle as they now become our client as well.”

TechStars is an intensive mentorship-driven start-up accelerator, recently recognized as the No. 1 accelerator program. Founded in 2006, the TechStars philosophy focuses on deep mentorship, and surrounding a small number of companies with highly engaged members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to coach and support them to success. The TechStars community currently includes more than 300 mentors, more than 1,500 investors, and over 120 alumni TechStars companies. TechStars currently operates five programs each year in Boulder, Boston, Seattle, Texas, and New York. TechStars is funded by more than 50 venture capital firms and 25 angel investors.