09/09/2011 – App-X Celebrates Adding its 500th User on AIM

Altvia announced this week that they have surpassed 500 total users on their cloud-based asset management tool AIM.  Users of AIM are made up of Altvia’s over 60 clients who span the range of the Alternative Asset Management space including institutional investors like educational endowments and family offices, funds of funds, and fund managers in the buyout space, in the real estate space, and in the VC space.

“It’s definitely an exciting milestone to reach,” said Altvia’s CEO Kevin Kelly.  “The fact that we retain so many of our existing clients I think says a lot about the kind of service Altvia is known for and the functionality of our products.”

The milestone is reached in part with help from new client adds this year including the California Healthcare Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and Qualcomm Ventures.  Nedka Ivanova of California Healthcare said after bringing on AIM earlier this year, “I love working with the Altvia team.  Their knowledge and desire to make everything perfect contributed enormously to the success of the project.”

And Kelly sees the user count continuing to grow quickly. “With the addition of PULSE and new features in AIM such as our new AIM Portal, plus the constant platform upgrades from Salesforce.com,” he said, “we’re very excited about the possibilities for AIM and the functionality we’ll be able to offer additional users in the future.”

Altvia is the leading provider of flexible web-based solutions for Alternative Asset Fund Managers and Institutional Investors.  Altvia clients are leaders in the Alternative Asset Community with over $80 billion in assets under management.  Altvia is headquartered outside of Denver with offices in Boston and Chicago.

For more information on AIM, visit www.altvia.com/aim.