07/18/2016 – FundFire Article with Altvia V.P. Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams, VP at Altvia, was recently interviewed by Tom Stabile of FundFire for the article, Blackstone, TPG Snag Private Equity Asset Crown. This article features how top performing and larger private equity fund managers may see greater future asset growth from customized arrangements such as separate accounts and co-investments as institutional investors continue to apply pressure on fees as well as product format. “And investors are clearly on the hunt for more tailored services, especially for separate account private equity structures,” comments Jeff. “The demand has never been there at this level,” he says. “There is an increased desire for the asset class, and [limited partners] are trying to find creative ways to put [their capital] to work. And there is an overwhelming sense that we’re in the early part of the game.” Read more about FundFire’s article, Blackstone, TPG Snag Private Equity Asset Crown (subscribe access required)