02/22/2012 – Harbour Group Tracking Their Deal Pipeline Using AIM from Application Experts

St. Louis-based Harbour Group recently enlisted the help of AIM and Application Experts (App-X) to help enhance their relationship management efforts and manage deals though their pipeline. App-X helped Harbour Group migrate historical data on thousands of contacts and companies from another CRM system into AIM.  AIM produces real-time reports for Harbour Group that show them their deal pipeline segmented in many ways, including by deal type, deal team and deal stage. In addition, AIM provides visibility into the sources of their deals historically.

Harbour Group is a privately owned company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Harbour Group and its operating companies are engaged in manufacturing, distribution, and specialty services in multiple industries, including specialty LED systems, logistics services, niche industrial distribution, automotive-enthusiast products, decorative kitchen and bath hardware, abrasives, diamond cutting products and related tools, entertainment and music products, and auxiliary plastic processing equipment. Since its founding in 1976, Harbour Group has acquired 168 companies in 34 different industries.